Jan 23, 2015

Update to fonts website!

I'm proud to announce a few nice updates to fonts.openlilylib.org today! I had wanted to make some changes and add a few things since the last major update and I finally got around to it. Here are the changes:
  • Updated fonts: A few fonts had "hole" artifacts from overlapping contours when using certain programs to view the glyphs (such as Inkscape, Adobe Acrobat PDF, etc.). These have now been fixed and any future use of these glyphs should result in the proper forms. Specifically, the fonts affected by this update are: Beethoven, Improviso, LilyJAZZ, Ross, and Scorlatti. If you notice any others, let me know!

  • Font stylesheets: A few minor additions to the stylesheets have been included and on each page there is now a direct link to the respective stylesheet itself for easier viewing and downloading.

  • Font viewer: I've added a convenient way to quickly look through the main glyphs in each font and compare them to others. This is what I'd wanted to do for some time and now it's finally here. Go check it out!

  • Documentation: All documentation about installation and usage that used to be on the main page has been moved to a dedicated page to keep the landing page simpler. As always, if a link is broken, I want to hear about it.
I always am trying to improve the look-and-feel of the page, so you may see some minor changes there too. Are things working on your machine/browser? Do you like the changes? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hi Abraham, nice work, the font viewer is great!
    As one minor suggestion I'd link to a PDF instead of a higher resolution PNG.

  2. Thanks, Urs! That's a great idea, but there are some implementation issues with doing it that way. I guess the question is, which do you think is more convenient/helpful: the built-in magnifier or a link to a pdf?

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