Feb 7, 2015

Font Update (Improviso, Ross, Profondo)

Another set of updates have been applied and are now available on my font site: fonts.openlilylib.org. Here are the highlights:
  • Improviso (v1.1)
    • Fixed a bad contour in the clefs.C_change glyph.
    • Packaged three hand-written text fonts (one of my own creation) to compliment the font style.
  • Ross (v1.1)
    • Thickened up the scripts.tenuto articulation (which also updated the up and down portato).
    • Added information about the IM FELL text fonts.
  • Profondo (no version change)
    • Packaged my tuplet number font so the style is more consistent (the glyphs come from Bravura). The \override is now part of the default profondo.ily stylesheet.
If you haven't been over there in a while, go check them out and let me know if something is not working correctly!

Do you have a score that uses one of your favorite music fonts? Let me know so I can add it as an example on the respective font page!

Happy Engraving!

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