Feb 4, 2015

Engraver Spotlight: David Stephen Grant

I was recently introduced to the composer/engraver David Stephen Grant, who shared with me a very lovely score he had composed and engraved using LilyPond. The score is done with my Ross music font (and accompanying stylesheet), complimented perfectly by the IM Fell English text font.

David shared with me some background to the score:
... "Overture to Bérénice" was actually used as an Overture to a modern theatre production of Racine's "Bérénice" that I composed and contributed sound design for. The music quickly moved from this "Baroque" atmosphere into more noisy electronic sound design, ...
Great job, David, and thanks for sharing this with us!

Have you engraved something you'd like to feature here that shows off one of my music fonts? Let me know or provide a link in the comment section!


  1. Hey, that's great! Extremely beautiful and consistent appearance.

    1. Thanks, Urs! Engraving in Lilypond using Abraham's fonts is proving to be a very enjoyable experience, and getting everything up-and-running was very easy too.