Jul 6, 2015

Quick Summer 2015 Update

It seems like I've been out of the loop for too long, so I thought I'd post a quick update with info about what I've been up to.


I've finally gotten around to basically finishing Giovanni Murolo's experimental font Capriccio. It has turned out to be more difficult to manage/use than I thought. Up to this point, I have decided to make two separate fonts (though I hope to integrate them properly with LilyPond's optical font usage routines), called Capriccio and Capriccio-Light. Capriccio doesn't work outside the default 20pt staff size, but I'm thinking about how to fix this behavior.

I've also adjusted the stylesheet and added an example page to showcase the font. I can't wait to see how users end up utilizing this very interesting font. And to compliment the music and brace fonts, I discovered a variant of the famous Bodoni font family that is freely available, beautifully created by Pablo Impallari and appropriately called "Libre Bodoni". You can download it on his website.


Here's a small golden nugget that I found online (I can't remember how at the moment). It is a small font and still needs some work (esp. flags), but fun nonetheless. A very old style of music symbol design, but who knows? Maybe you'll find a use for it...

Animal Noteheads

At the request of Andreas Larsen, I've been helping get a project going that uses LilyPond to engrave scores with easily recognizable animal caricatures as noteheads where the first letter of the animal's name is the name of the pitch. Together with a handful of other contributors, this project has expanded to support numerous international languages. Check out the progress on GitHub or the website!

The difference with this system of font work is that the noteheads are actually pure svg images instead of a dedicated font file like I've usually done. This was not easy to figure out, but we did it.

Where To From Here

Soon I hope to get these and all my other font updates uploaded for public consumption. Until then, happy engraving!

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