Dec 14, 2014

New Music Font: Sebastiano

So, I've actually had this done for a little while, but just hadn't released it yet. This new font is a OFL derivative of a (basically) non-public OFL-licensed font designed by engraver/composer Florian Kretlow (github source). It follows what I call the "inky" look, where internal corners (at least some of them) get "rounded" by what would have been caused by the capillary action of the liquid ink. Here's a sample (click to see a full-size PDF).

I think the font itself is quite nice. It has some inconsistencies that bother me a little, though. For example, the default flat symbol is thicker in the stem than inside the eyelet. The second f in the "sffz" ligature is different from the first. Having these inconsistencies doesn't make the font BAD, per se, just not to my taste.

Fortunately, in the source files, there were a bunch of other variants in his source files that were more to my liking. Here's the same score as above, but with my selected variants, as done in LilyPond.

The new font is available at Go get it! Here's a more extensive example: Grieg's Piano Concerto in A-minor, Second Movement.


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